Board- and Digital Games Session Spieletag Bandung

Spieletag 2019 Goethe-Institut Bandung

12-5.30 PM

Goethe-Institut Bandung

Pusat Kebudayaan Jerman
Jalan Martadinata 48
40115 Bandung

Meet new people, learn German and have fun

Every country, every culture has its own games that attract not only children but also adults around the world. Through games, we know each other better; we enter into a special kind of social exchange and exercise our cognitive abilities.

The Goethe-Institut Bandung invites you to new and intercultural afternoon games.

The event is open to anyone who is interested in learning new games, learns German, and would like to meet new people or just for fun.

The rules of the famous German games would be translated and explained in simple German.
You have the possibility to apply the knowledge of the German language you have learned in the games.

Although the event officially starts at 12:00, you are welcome to join in any time.