Exhibition Fast Fashion – The Dark Side of Fashion

Fast Fashion - The Dark Side of Fashion © Tim Mitchell

10 AM- 7 PM
open daily

Incl. Slow Fashion Lab | Opening: Thursday, 09.03.2017, 7 PM

The exhibition Fast Fashion – The Dark Side of Fashion invites visitors to take a critical look behind the scenes of the textile industry, fashion and consumption. The exhibition endeavors a comprehensive and discerning examination of the clothing industry system and its socio-economic and ecological consequences. It sheds light on the global triangle of consumerism, economy and ecology from various perspectives: fashion and victims, poverty and affluence, global and local, wages and profits, clothing and chemicals, clothing and ecological balance.
The Slow Fashion Lab, attached to the exhibition Fast Fashion, focuses on a more positive approach to the topic of fashion and sustainability, inspiring visitors to take concrete action towards a more sustainable way of dealing with clothes and textiles. It presents examples of sustainable fashion, traditional and local practices from Indonesia that are attentive of the people and environment involved. Visitors to the Slow Fashion Lab are invited to feel, see and learn about sustainable alternatives to fast fashion and engage in DIY-culture.
A series of fringe events accompanying the exhibition make the topic of fast fashion, slow fashion and DIY-culture even more tangible. While the exhibition and permanent presentation in the lab offer insights that the visitor can individually engage with, read, look at and feel, the fringe events offer experiences of collective creation and learning.
Fast Fashion - The Dark Side of Fashion is an exhibition by the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg curated by Dr. Claudia Banz.
IKAT/eCUT - Textiles between Art, Design, Tradition and Technology is a Goethe-Institut project exploring the past, present and future of textiles in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (and Germany). In different sub-projects it is looking at the cultural potency of textiles in many different fields – from the arts to design, from tradition to technology.