Film screening Memoria: Five Indonesian shorts films

Arthouse Cinema_Jakarta_Memoria © Courtesy of Kolektif

7 PM


Pulang ke Indonesia, Sendiri Diana Sendiri, Memoria, Lemantun, Prenjak | Director Dessy Tri Anandani Bambang will be in attendance


(Going Home to Indonesia)
Director: Dessy Tri Anandani Bambang, color, 5 minutes, 2016

Arthouse Cinema_Jakarta_Pulang ke Indonesia © Dessy Tri Anandani Bambang
"Pulang" ("going home") is a short animation film about an Indonesian family who lived in France for a few years.  It tells the story about them moving back to Indonesia. They call it "going home" while it is actually the daughter’s first time visiting Indonesia.  The story is told from the perspective of the youngest daughter, who is four years old, so the reality and the imaginations get mixed up.


(Following Diana)
Director: Kamila Andini, color, 39 minutes, 2015

Diana, a 30-year-old housewife, lives with her husband and son at home, across the street from a construction site. She spends her days with her only child until her husband comes from work in the evening. One night, Diana's husband reveals his shocking plan to marry another woman and share the little family with her.


Director: Kamila Andini, color, 35 minutes, 2016

A mother tries to forget that she is a victim of the war in Timor Leste. A daughter tries to secure herself under the form of marriage. A story of a mother and a daughter trying to find the real meaning of freedom.


Director: Wregas Bhanuteja, color, 21 minutes, 2014

Arthouse Cinema_Jakarta_Lemantun © Courtesy of Kolektif
A mother gives her five children five cupboards as an inheritance. Everyone looks very happy with these cupboards - except the third child.


(In the Year of Monkey)
Director: Wregas Bhanuteja, color, 13 minutes, 2015

Diah takes Jarwo to a warehouse during the lunch break. She says that she needs fast money. She offers Jarwo to buy a match for 10.000 Rupiah. With this match, Jarwo can take a look at Diah’s body parts.



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