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Take part in the ART GAMES - Game Jam and win a trip to Germany!

Programmers, designers, developers, artists, musicians, scrip writers and all sorts of creative minds, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

The Goethe-Institute Jakarta will be hosting the 48-hours ART GAMES - Game Jam. This exciting event circles around the fields of art, politics and digital games, and has already made an impression on Mexico City and Seoul last year. Now it will be held simultaneously in the cities of Boston, USA and Jakarta, Indonesia and it will be up their local communities to create something unique.


Most people are familiar with the concept of a Jam Session, where all kinds of musician come together and let creativity take its course to pull of something new. A Game Jam basically works according to the same concept. We want to bring together all kinds of creative minds to work hand in hand with inventive people from the game developer scene. Because, what would a great game be without a driving soundtrack, a cool look or a witty storytelling?
The end result shall be an innovative new game in the field of serious gaming, which has a certain authenticity and artistic creativity while also addressing a political topic. To accomplish such a neat end result, team work in all sectors will be essential.
This is how it will go down: All participants will gather in one location for a casual kickoff event. We will help you form equal teams and will help you to set up your temporary headquarter in the facilities. Finally we will announce the secret topic for the whole Game Jam and can get straight to work! During this 48-hour Game Jam you will be provided with professional mentoring by our experienced partners from Maschinen-Mensch from Germany. Of course we will also take care of your physical well-being, by providing proper food and fresh drinks. Since a 48-hour Jam can be exhausting and tense we will set up a comfortable rest area, where you can relax your tired mind, regain your strength and recharge your battery.


Use this opportunity to make connections to the local scene and meet interesting people with all sorts of different backgrounds. You even might end up winning a trip to Germany to present your game!
A local Jury will pick the three most promising Games at the end of the Games Jam, and afterwards will present these to a jury of German game experts who will pick a winner. The winning team will receive further professional mentoring to help them finalize their game and prepare them for the Trip to Germany, where two representatives will have the chance to present their game to the general public. Apart from the public presentation, it will be a great opportunity to get to know the other teams from the various ART GAMES - Game Jams all over the world and make connections with international experts and the local scene from Germany.
Important note: Every playable game, regardless of winning or not, will be presented on the website of the Goethe-Institut

We are looking for: Programmers, designers, game developers, artists, musicians, script writers and all sorts of creative minds, who enjoy working in a team, and are interested in creating a unique digital game combining the fields of art and politics.
Although it is not mandatory, we would advise you to bring you own devices that you need for your work, since these will not be provided by us.

When: Friday, May 19th at 6pm to Sunday, May 21st at 8pm

Where: Jakarta, the exact location will be announced soon.

Accommodation & catering: The participation in the ART GAMES: Games Jam is free. We will provide food and beverages thought the whole 48-hours event. A rest area where you can take a nap will be set up for you.

Transport: The participants have to organize their travel to the location by themselves. Limited amounts of travel grants for travels from other cities than Jakarta are available; just ask us in the application form.

What’s in it for you: Apart from meeting creative people and being able to connect to your local scene, you will receive professional mentoring from our partner Maschinen-Mensch. On top of that, you can win a trip to Germany if your game should be picked by the jury.

Are you in?
Follow the link below, fill out the form, drop a few lines and tell us about your motivation to participate in the ART GAMES - Game Jam, and hopefully we will see you in May.

The link will be open until the 05 May 2017. The selected participants will be announced soon after the deadline.

The ART GAMES - Game Jam is a project by Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Maschinen-Mensch, Asosiasi Game Indonesia and Duniaku Network, funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Download the Open Call:

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