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Book Launch
11 - 12 AM

Training Session
1 - 3 PM

Book launch Guidelines I: A manual on editing and writing for Wikipedia Indonesia

Wikimedia Indonesia in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Jakarta will launch the book “Guidelines I: A manual on editing and writing for Wikipedia Indonesia”.
This book will contain the different ways on how to contribute for Wikipedia Indonesia. So far, most of the Wikipedia volunteers are autodidacts who use a learning-by-doing approach. A writing and editing manual for Wikipedia has never been released in the form of a book; as a website that constantly changes, Wikimedia Indonesia in the past has faced the challenge of keeping its guidelines in form of a PowerPoint presentation up to date.
However, after collecting and evaluating all the documents, a new perspective emerged. While it is a fact that the Wikipedia website constantly changes, there are some points that remain unchanged despite the challenges: the volunteers, the idealism of contributing for free, the values of Wikipedia to provide neutral information in a world that is filled with the interests and efforts of advertisers.
The library of the Goethe-Institut sees great potential in collaborating with Wikimedia Indonesia. There are many topics that can be explored from various sources at the library of the Goethe-Institut for Wikipedia Indonesia. This activity will also strengthen the academic exchange between Indonesia and Germany. What we still need is you, as volunteers.

Book Launch:
Thursday, March 31 2016 | 11 - 12 AM

Training Session:
(with Invitation)

Thursday, March 31 2016 | 1 - 3 PM
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To achieve good results, we are preparing phone credit vouchers in the amount of Rp. 100 000 for the five best contributors who manage to write one full-length article and another, shorter work-in-progress entry based on the available books about Germany at the library of the Goethe-Institut.
We are looking forward to seeing you!