Concert Barock Lounge: Outerspace

Elbipolis Barockorchester © Elbipolis Barockorchester

12.10.2016, 7.30 pm


Pusat Kebudayaan Jerman Jakarta
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
10350 Jakarta

Anders Hören with Elbipolis Barockorchester ft. Brezel Göring (Stereo Total)

Baroque meets electro – seemingly incompatible elements merge into an unexpected synthesis in this experimental format. The Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra, which has managed to establish itself in the baroque scene within a remarkable short time due to its playfulness and brilliant interpretations, performs baroque music in a relaxed lounge setting and inspires the DJ Brezel Göring of Stereo Total to immediate transformation into electro sounds. The result is a fascinating dialogue that at times amplifies and emphasizes musical structures and rhythms and then goes to alienate and ironize them. A spontaneous musical experience that opens up new horizons with its unique dynamic.

Outerspace Programme
  • Jean Baptiste Lully Ballet des sept Planettes
  • Christoph Bernhard BALLET von Zusammenkunft und Wirckung derer VII Planeten
  • DJ Brezel Göring (Stereo Total)
Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra
The Hamburg baroque orchestra plays early music while at the same time being open to new musical discoveries. Their passion for the old and the new is evident in the productions of the baroque specialists: Sometimes opting for the classical, sometimes going beyond the established repertoire. Elbipolis takes a special interest in trying to promote early music to a younger audience. In their Barock Lounge format the ensemble has been performing with leading artists of the electronic scene since 2008 and continues to inspire other ensembles and promoters on how to push to boundaries of traditional concerts.

Lineup in Jakarta
Jörg Jacobi - Harpsichord
Florian Schule - Viola 
Albrecht Kühner - Violin
Jürgen Groß - Violin
Christoph Harer - Cello
Anna Fusek - Flute, Violin
Michael Metzler - Percussion

As a teenager Brezel Göring played on self-built electronic instruments and published experimental vinyl records. In 1993 he formed the underground pop duo “Stereo Total” with Françoise Cactus. They have published 37 vinyl records and CDs and held concerts in the USA, South America, Australia, Japan and many European countries. Stereo Total has also produced music for film and theater as well as audio dramas. As a sideline Brezel Göring also published solo records and he is among the most important DJs with whom the Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra has continued to develop their Barock Lounge concept over the years.
About Anders Hören

With the Anders Hören (Listening differently) series of concerts the Goethe-Institut has embarked on a journey of discovery in South-East Asia to explore new ways to adopt and promote classical music. More and more musicians and orchestras in Germany are getting involved in presenting classical music outside the traditional context of concerts and are looking for new formats to engage their audiences. Audience members are responding enthusiastically and are keen to embrace these brand-new ways to encounter classical music. In 2015 the series started with violinst Mirijam Contzen, who was playing 'concerts in the dark', in a pitch-black concert hall. In 2016, the Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra and DJ Brezel Göring will travel throughout South-East Asia with Barock Lounge and present a new approach to connect early music and electro. In February 2017, Ensemble Resonanz will visit five South-East Asian cities. In collaboration with local DJs they will present their Urban String programme and swap the concert hall with an authentic club atmosphere.