Radio Program „Popcast“ now available in Indonesian

Popcast © Goethe-Institut/ Groupe Dejour

Monday, 6 PM

From July 2017 onwards, an Indonesian version of the Goethe podcast is being produced.

Germany offers a variety of different music, from rock to pop, from hip-hop to electro music. Regular listeners of the Goethe podcast called “Popcast” already know this.

Since November 1, 2008, Goethe-Institut creates in cooperation with the Bavarian magazine Zündfunk a monthly playlist with new German music and background information about the songs and the artists. So far, there were a German, English and a Chinese version of the Goethe podcast.

100 “Popcasts” – and more reasons to celebrate. 

In May, 2017, the 100th “Popcast” episode aired as a special edition with (even) more music and many interviews.

Three months later, there is again a reason to celebrate: In cooperation with the community radio RURUradio, Goethe-Institut Jakarta produces an Indonesian version of the “Popcast” from July 2017 onwards. This version will not only be available on its website, but also become a regular feature on RURUradio.

Every two weeks, listeners can look forward to the “Popcast” on RURUradio: Every first Monday of the month at 6 p.m., the community radio airs live and comments the current “Popcast”. Two weeks later, the program will re-run.
The August edition of the “Popcast” features Laurel Halo, Porter Ricks, Nick Höppner, Pantha du Prince as well as the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.