Music - Concert Alur Bunyi | Gerald Situmorang

Alur Bunyi_Gerald Situmorang ©Goethe-Institut Indonesien

8 PM


Pusat Kebudayaan Jerman Jakarta
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
10350 Jakarta

As part of the performance series Anders Hören, or Listening Differently, Goethe-Institut Indonesien is proud to present the musical series Alur Bunyi, which will be held monthly starting from August at GoetheHaus, Jakarta. Alur Bunyi intends to create an anti-mainstream musical experience. Therefore, the exciting performances juxtapose electronic music with other genres. Our audience will enjoy featured performances from some of Indonesia’s best musicians, such as Gerald Situmorang, Jevin Julian, Patrick Hartono, Adra Karim and more, who will collaborate with German musicians Marcus Schmickler, Linnéa (Trade / No Shade / Berlin) and others.

Featuring guests:
Gerald Situmorang

with  :
Adra Karim (Synthesizer)
Agung Munthe (Synthesizer)
Jessilardus Mates (E-Drums)
Marco Steffiano (Sequencer & Effects)
Randy MP (Effects & Soundscapes)
Baskoro Juwono (Voice)
Gerald Situmorang

Since the beginning of his music career in 2003, Gerald has always been drawn to the sounds of electronic, synthesizers, sample, and drum loops. “Dimensions” was initially envisioned as the sophomore album of Gerald Situmorang Trio; in its journey, the format changed and the concept of a trio expanded. Eventually evolving as Gerald Situmorang solo project, sound elements from synth, arpeggiator, ambient, effects, to electronic drum are fitted into the tracks. Throughout early to mid-2017, Gerald built and recorded his materials. This second album offers a different nuance in contrast to his debut album “Solitude” that leans on the sounds from his nylon acoustic guitar. Working with Marco Steffiano, Adra Karim, and Randy MP for its production, their performance in Alur Bunyi will also mark the official release of “Dimensions”.