Workshop APIK

APIK © Goethe-Institut Indonesien


Gudskul, Goethe-Institut Jakarta, Museum MACAN, and various spaces in Jakarta

Theory and practice of exhibition making with experts from Ace House Collective, Serrum, Museum MACAN, Lab Tanya, and others.

apik 1 neat; 2 clean and good

APIK, a training program for exhibition makers, introduces a 101 of exhibition making in the Indonesian contemporary visual arts context. With DIY culture at heart, APIK features different practical video modules covering management, production and communication. 
As the contemporary art scene in Indonesia continues to grow at an exciting rate, a greater focus on practitioners of organizational work at art exhibitions and organizations is called for. Art management is an often overlooked aspect that plays a crucial role in the development of the art scene—strengthening the quality of art organization contributes to improving the infrastructure in the cultural sector.
As a continuation of the APIK online modules consisting of video lectures, assignments and live discussions, the selected participants from many regions in Indonesia—from Aceh Besar to Maumere—will profit from a more comprehensive insight into the ins and outs of arts and cultural organization and exhibition making in an intensive 6-day workshop facilitated by experts from Indonesia, Germany and beyond. The five core subjects are Structure and Organization, Funding and Partnership, Public Communication and Audience Development, Production and Logistics, and Internal Relations. They will be more deeply explored and supplemented with several sessions that zero in on practical skills and methods, including proposal writing, design-thinking, and low-waste exhibition. Classroom learning is combined with hands-on workshop activities. The participants formulate specific responses to tutor presentations based on their local context, they host evaluation sessions, and their final product is the recreation of the APIK course as a zine founded on their own local needs and conditions. 
With: Aprina Murwanti (Museum MACAN), Adi Wibowo (Lab Tanya), Ardi Yunanto, Ening Nurjanah, Gintani Swastika (Ace House Collective), Ika Vantiani, Leonhard Bartolomeus, MG Pringgotono (Serrum), Nina Hidayat (Museum MACAN), Vicky Rosalina, Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo.
Two public sessions highlighting alternative approaches to exhibition making as well as knowledge production and dissemination in contemporary visual arts complement the workshop program.

To Events:

APIK Public Session | 11.12. : Beyond the White Cube—Reimagining Exhibitions
APIK Public Session | 12.12. : Exhibition-Making and Education – Stories from New Delhi and Berlin