Film screening, discussion Proyek Filem Hitam Putih

Arthouse Cinema Jakarta_Proyek Filem Hitam Putih © Courtesy of Milisifilem

12.11.2019 | 7 PM


Pusat Kebudayaan Jerman Jakarta
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
10350 Jakarta

Director: Milisifilem, B & W, 95 min., 2018 | Discussion with Milisifilem after the screening

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The Black & White Film Project

Into the Dark

(Directors: Dhuha Ramadhani, Luthfan Nur Rochman, Maria Christina Silalahi, 25 minutes)

A young farmer is forcibly taken from a paddy field. The dark atmosphere in the truck on this long drive is occasionally brightened by a glimmer of hope when escape routes seem to be opening up. The farmer is guarded by a man who sits near the door and does not let him out of his sight while the car drives inexorably into the darkness. Both were involved in an effort to defend the rice fields of some local residents.


(Directors: Dhanurendra Pandji, Robby Ocktavian, Theresia Farah Umaratih, 10 minutes)

In a separate room, a film student uses pieces of rearranged celluloid as a medium to interact with her lover.


(Directors: Afrian Purnama, Anggraeni Widhiasih, Yuki Aditya, 25 minutes)

Three young urban women experience a moment of loss when one of them passes away. How will the remaining two face their current friendship, their history and their grief to anticipate what is to come, while they are still living busy lives amidst the hustle and bustle of the city?

Aksi Reaksi

(Directors: Dini Adanurani, Mia Aulia, Wahyu Budiman Dasta, 5 minutes)

Arthouse Cinema Jakarta_Proyek Filem Hitam Putih_Aksi Reaksi © Courtesy of Milisifilem Responding to the activism of Warkop DKI during its time, this film reconstructs the images of some of these films into a new work in the form of a moving collage. It plays and experiments with visuals in the effort to create and combine new spaces using various media. Through this film, creators try to analogize the emergence of a change, its impact on the environment, and how the wider community reacts to these changes.

Pagi yang Sungsang

(Directors: Manshur Zikri, Pingkan Persitya Polla, Prashasti Wilujeng Putri, 30 minutes)

The burly body is made of heavy iron. No one dares to disturb its peaceful sleep other than the sound of the security guard’s whistle. The sound of the whistle becomes louder, forcing him to wake up from a long sleep. He stretches his muscles, waiting for the right moment to act. When the sound of brooms scratching the ground becomes increasingly noisy, it is a sign that the trash has been prepared for him. He must complete his task immediately: first move slowly, then creep as fast as possible between narrow alleys, splitting the crowd of humans.


Milisifilem, initiated by the Lenteng Forum in Jakarta, is a film production learning group using the practice of visual experimentation. Through this platform, members of Milisifilem are trained by facilitators to produce visual products in the form of films. In addition, Milisifilem members are also honed to have high contextual awareness in facing the changing times. The Black and White Film Project premiered at ARKIPEL homoludens – 6th Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival 2018.

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