Artist Talk Sophie Innmann and Dhanny Sanjaya

Cemeti-Institute © Cemeti-Institute

7 PM

Cemeti - Institute for Arts and Society

55143 Jl. D.I. Panjaitan No. 41, Yogyakarta

What did the residency artists explore and who did they met during their first month in Yogyakarta?

Sophie Innmann (Germany) and Dhanny Sanjaya (Indonesia) will share their works and practices and discuss the topics and interests they want to explore during the residency. They will also let us know what Yogyakarta feels like, what they found, and who they met.

During their time in Yogyakarta, Sophie proposes to outline the possibilities of how to create an image based on human activity by applying her current art practice: observation of spaces and human actions, which she transfers as underlying concepts for participatory experimental settings with an open-ended outcome. In the first weeks of her stay and interaction with the local artists and residents, she experienced the idea of observation, both as the subject and object of observation, and discovered the local way of thinking and possibilities for looking at things from a different perspective. She has also begun experimenting with found objects and examining aesthetics she can explore further.

Dhanny is interested in expanding his research into how we position ourselves in the environment (including other organisms) by looking at what could happen in the absence of fish stocks in the future while trying to imagine a world without adequate fish stocks and what life would be like on Earth should that day ever come. He started his research by meeting with several artists’ collectives, researchers and fish cultivation practitioners, visiting the museum, walking along the shores, participating in local events, adapting himself to this new creative space, and seeing the relevance of his particular artistic research with the reality he now faces.

The residency program in Yogyakarta is hosted by Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society, from September to November 2019. The residency will be accompanied by several public programs and will culminate in a final presentation.