Conversation Arranging the Home Within

Arranging the Home Within © Groupe Dejour

7.30 - 8.30 PM


Examining "home" construction and concept together with Tamarra and Grace Samboh

Writing may be home for a political prisoner, while a devout follower may choose worship as his/her home.
Home is a personal concept — not just a pile of buildings used as a residence. Home could be in the form of goals, figures, feelings, activities or other things. Home should protect us from physical and spiritual vulnerabilities. What in fact are the elements that define a "home"?
In the midst of a pandemic, physical restriction is an absolute. We make large adaptations and isolate ourselves at home — encouraged by the state, society, and our own awareness. After more than three months settling down and living this kind of life, does your home feel different now? What do you realize?
In this BINGKIS episode, Tamarra, a multidisciplinary artist, and Grace Samboh, an independent curator will discuss the formula for home.

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