Conversation Knowing the Unknown

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7.30 - 8.30 PM


Instagram Live with Akademi Prakerti and KUNCI Study Forum & Collective

The Covid-19 pandemic made us aware that as human beings in the 21st century, we still need close cooperation to tackle a world scale disaster. To this day – mid-July 2020 – efforts to better understand Covid-19, its distribution and handling shows that all parties are in the same position of ignorance and must continue to learn about and try various options.

Highlighting and linking the spirit of shared learning to the current situation, we have invited representatives of two interdisciplinary communities that have tackled “shared learning” in explorative “learning spaces” long before the Covid-19 crisis. KUNCI Study Forum & Collective and Prakerti Academy representatives will invite us to participate in imagining their strategies in developing the potential of shared learning spaces in accordance with the demands of the times.

Akademi Prakerti (Prakerti Academy)

Prakerti Academy is a learning and training platform consists of interdisciplinary academicians. In the understanding of Prakerti Academy, this network of learners – fondly called civitas punkademika – are those who are interested in exploring the potential of collective knowledge, research and intelligence from and beyond the academic realm to encourage social transformation. The Prakerti Academy also seeks to provide value to the community’s reproductive work, generally considered as complimentary, such as reading, learning and pioneering ideas. The Prakerti Academy program includes literati literacy training and Open punkademia, which is run based on punkademia learning agendas. Prakerti Academy also works closely with the GCAS (Global Center for Advanced Studies) network to continue to develop the education and research of its students and instructors.

KUNCI Study Forum & Collective

Starting as a study group on cultural studies, KUNCI now focuses on the collectivization of learning, including space management, discussion, library, research, publishing, printing, and organizing schools. KUNCI crosses and connects institutional, disciplinary, and local boundaries. Its membership is based on friendship and informality, and is based on self-organization and collaborative principles. KUNCI members Brigitta Isabella, Fiky Daulay, Gatari Surya Kusuma, Rifki Akbar Pratama, and Syafiatudina will participate in this edition of BINGKIS.

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