Conversation Isolated in your own bubble

Terisolasi dalam Gelembung Sendiri Groupe Dejour

7.30 - 8.30 PM


A conversation with a philosophical approach about “individual freedom” and “democracy” in social media in Indonesia with Roy Thaniago and Rara Sekar

A characteristic of modern society is rational thinking. This means that every person has the freedom to use his/her mind. As members of the global community, we can easily identify the values of modern society in our daily lives. These include living in a peaceful world, living in a democracy that lets us actively participate in a society whose social order is founded on law, and the right to be critical of any kind of authority.
This edition of BINGKIS focuses on two key values of modern society—namely “individual freedom” and “democracy”—by paying special attention to the latest developments in social media in Indonesia and the philosophical approach of German critical thought such as the Enlightenment and the Frankfurt School.
How can we use social media as a means of communication above all to realize the values of “freedom” and “democracy”? What role do persons of authority play in the phenomena “buzzer” and “influencer”? What exactly do the terms “new truth” and “alternative facts” mean? To what extent can we influence the political consequences of technology-based human communication in our lives today and in the future?

Rara Sekar

Rara Sekar is an independent musician, a freelance researcher with a background in cultural anthropology, and an educator. As a musician, Rara joined the Banda Neira music group from 2012 to 2016 and the Daramuda collaboration project from 2017 to 2020. Currently, Rara teaches critical photography classes in the cross-disciplinary photography collective Arkademy, hosts a podcast called Benang Merah that discusses social phenomena in today’s society, and is also active in gardening at home.

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