Workshops & Panel Discussion Nusasonic: Gather, Share, Evolve

Nusasonic: Gather, Share, Evolve Wok the Rock/Groupe Dejour

24 - 26.11.2020


With Dayang Yraola (PH), Eileen Chan (SG), Interspecifics (MX), Joe Kidd (MY), Jorge Wieneke V (PH), Kasymin (ID), Kyaw Kyaw (MM), Lee Anantawat (TH)


10:00 (UTC+1) / 16:00 (UTC+7)

Workshop After Sounding: Archiving Sound Projects, Expanding the Practice mit Dayang Yraola (PH)


14:00 (UTC+1) / 20:00 (UTC+7)

Workshop Brief Introduction to Art+Science Strategies with Interspecifics (MX)


13:00 (UTC+1) / 19:00 (UTC+7)

Diskussion The Underground Shifts: A Seismograph of Evolving Alternative Spaces with Eileen Chan (Council / HQ, SG), Joe Kidd (Carburetor Dung, MY), Jorge Wieneke V (Club Matryoshka, PH), Kasymin (Gabber Modus Operandi, ID), Kyaw Kyaw (Rebel Riot, MM), Lee Anantawat (TH)


As Nusasonic shifts online for the rest of 2020, we are pleased to present an online exchange series, aimed at intensifying capacity building and knowledge sharing among music and sound artists and producers in Southeast Asia. Panel discussions and limited-capacity workshops focus on expanding understanding and knowledge of professional working methodologies in sound.

Colonial continuities and the sometimes frustrating state of music industries based on neoliberal conditions and competitive settings bring forth harmful practices that should not be further replicated. These workshops are thus intended to build capacity and collective empowerment in professional music practices; civic engagement; critical understanding of power asymmetries, structural biases as well as translocal exchange, rather than coaching for individual success in the market.

All events are free of charge, but workshops have limited capacity and require pre-registration (first-come, first-served).