Concert Alur Bunyi: Perjalanan Sambat — a performance by Nurendra Nasharudin and Hariwi

Alur Bunyi: Perjalanan Sambat © Groupe Dejour

7 - 8 PM


Contemporary experimental music

This fifth edition of Alur Bunyi marks the comeback this year of a stage performance at GoetheHaus Jakarta. The presence of a live audience, however, remains restricted due to the pandemic. Alur Bunyi will focus on educational topics regarding alternative practices in sound and music.


Young composer Nurendra Nasharudin has been exploring the world of contemporary music and film scoring. In recent years, he has participated in Indonesian composer events such as Pekan Komponis Indonesia, Temu Musik Skena Nusantara, and Open Lab-October Meeting.

In this edition of Alur Bunyi, Nurendra will be joined by filmmaker Hariwi in an audiovisual presentation titled”Perjalanan Sambat”. The performance challenges them to create an artistic production inspired by the various forms of angst arising from inner and outer sources. It also invites the audience to observe and evaluate their own impulses.

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