Online film screenings Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!

Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!_Indonesia © Goethe-Institut

06. - 27.12.2020


Online Film screenings featuring six films from the capital of Germany!

From 6 to 27 December 2020 the Goethe-Instituts Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are jointly presenting the online film festival entitled Darling, Berlin! Berlin Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!

This year's program screens six independent films from the German capital. The films were mainly made by directors who had only one or two professional films to their credit—young directors who studied at the Film Academy in Berlin and worked in the capital. Their works exhibit great enthusiasm and courage in experimenting with uncompromising visual language and performances by as yet unknown actors. The filming location Berlin and its surroundings are also of special importance in these stories because this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the reunification on 3 October 1990 of the formerly divided Germany, which began on 9 November 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall thanks to the peaceful revolution.

Darling Berlin stands for fresh and unusual independent films from the capital. A new generation of directors and actors is shooting funny and dramatic cinema effectively and with passion. Touching, authentic, without conventions, without compromises. 


Each film will be premiered on YouTube of Darling Berlin on the date and time specified below (Western Indonesian Time/WIB). The films can be accessed free of charge via this link
Join us and attend the premiere from wherever you are in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Let’s watch the film together, exchange comments or simply say “Hello” to other film enthusiasts via the live YouTube chat.
After each premiere, the films will be freely accessible until December 27, 2020.


by Lara Hewitt | Great Britain 2018 | 93 Minutes | Comedy, Drama 
► 6 December 2020 at 7 pm

The unsuccessful New York actor Valentin moves to a sunny allotment garden near Potsdam after the death of his grandfather. In the attic of the dacha he has inherited, he meets Adam, a refugee Ethiopian who is hiding from impending deportation from Germany. While Valentin promises to keep Adam's secret, the harmony of her flatshare is put to the test by the curiosity of the neat neighbors and the arrival of couch-surfing guests from all over the world ... A refreshing summer fairy tale about friendships that cross borders and garden fences.

The film offers a view of Germany from the outside, but it is also a film for everyone who has ever loved a place and had to leave it. It is also a swan song from a British woman for the beautiful dream of Europe, a thank you and a farewell.


by Luzie Loose | Germany 2018 | 102 Minutes | Drama
► 8 December 2020 at 7 pm 

The film “Swimming” tells the story of Elisa and Anthea, two very different girls, whose friendship gives them support and orientation during a difficult phase in their lives. They become best friends and develop a game in which they capture everything they do with their cell phone cameras. They soon got the idea of turning the camera around and secretly filming their classmates who had mobbed Elisa earlier. A destructive dynamic develops from their close friendship, which becomes threatening for anyone who gets in the way of the two. The girls turn from victims to perpetrators.


by Oliver Alaluukas | Germany 2017 | 97 Minutes | Comedy, Drama
► 10 December 2020 at 7 pm

How do we want to live together? In the middle of nowhere in Brandenburg between green meadows, techno, and theater, ten people answer this question in their own way. In the artists' colony Rakete Perelman they live their version of freedom and independence - each for himself and all together.

Jen is new to the Rakete Perelman. During her mid-twenties, she went out of town, out of the industry, and into a new life. But the Rakete needs money and the solution, how else could it be, lies in art, more precisely in a theater production. Jen gets the lead role in a piece that slowly overtakes reality and at some point puts the idealism of the entire community to a severe test.


by Julius Schultheiß | Germany 2016 | 78 Minutes | Drama
► 13 December 2020 at 7 pm 

Lotte is direct and edgy, at the same time amiable and above all endowed with a big-city snout. With all these characteristics she is permanently offensive to her colleagues, girlfriends, and even her boyfriend. He throws her out without further ado and Lotte is on the street - from now on, she is fully occupied with finding a place to stay.

One night Lotte meets Marcel, an almost forgotten acquaintance, in her local pub. As soon as he recognized her, Lotte flees and finds a safe place to stay in her friend Sabine's apartment. The next day, Lotte lingered over the exertions of that night and didn't seem to let go of it even during her work in the hospital. A young girl is brought in, Lotte takes care of her, a subtle affection develops.


by Philipp Eichholtz | Germany 2018 | 80 Minutes | Drama
► 16 December 2020 at 7 pm

Is growing up easy - and being an adult difficult? Charlie from Berlin finds it damn hard to keep the expectations of those around you and her own apart. Her friend Marco wants a child, and her colleague Gerry guesses without being asked: “Five years together? Well, there will be three of you soon…?” But Charlie is not at all sure: Is it nice to have a child, or would she disappear together with her needs? Charlie is challenged in her job as a teacher and things are not going really well with Marco at the moment. In the beginning, everything was so wonderfully easy and spontaneous.


by Philipp Eichholtz  | Germany 2016 | 81 Minutes | Drama, Comedy
► 18 December 2020 at 7 pm 

Luca wants to graduate from high school after dark years of depression. Her little dog Mata helps her to find motivation and a zest for life. So that it doesn't fail because of maths, Luca concludes a deal with Kurt: English for maths. He becomes a reliable friend, even when things get really bad for Luca. When will this “life” actually be achieved? If you understand maths and pass the A-Levels? Knowing how to get on sick leave to postpone exams? When you find the right guy who loves and desires you - and who isn't an asshole?