Focus Group Discussion Arts/Cultural Management

Arts/Cultural Management © Sancoyo Purnomo



Informal exchange to map the urgencies and systemic challenges of contemporary art and cultural management

Arts Managers are expected to build and maintain a proper and integrated environment by mastering various skills and handling with consciousness, efficiency, and flexibility. However, the sector does not have a sufficient number of qualified and experienced arts managers like the artists, curators, and musicians, despite their crucial roles.
The Goethe-Institut plans to develop a course for Arts/Cultural Managers/Producers to exchange and learn varied and conflicting approaches and views on contemporary art management in the region. Consisting of a series of intimate group discussions, trainings and exchanges, the course aims to map the urgencies and systemic challenges, explore the needs and potential capacities, and complementary, nurture and evolve the circle.
As preliminary, the Goethe-Institut will conduct a group discussion with selected established and emerging active practitioners in the region as an attempt to understand and map the current urgencies and systemic challenges in the art ecosystem in Indonesia.