Concert video Alur Bunyi: Batavia Collective

Alur Bunyi: Batavia Collective © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

23.06.2021 | 7 PM
Live stream


Jazz, experimental, and contemporary music

This second edition of Alur Bunyi 2021 will be in concert format on the GoetheHaus Jakarta stage without a live audience due to the pandemic.
Alur Bunyi will focus on educational topics regarding alternative practices in sonic creation when interacting with jazz.
The trio will perform genre-bending music that combines mind-altering synths, snazzy chord progressions, deep sub-bass, energetic grooves and neck-breaking tempos. The result is a jamboree of sounds that interprets Jakarta’s city sounds and ambience throughout different times of the day. The performance will be divided into the following scenes:
  • 5.30 AM
  • 8 AM
  • 12 PM
  • 3.30 PM
  • 9 PM
  • 00 AM


The name is simple. The music it produces is not.
Batavia Collective (BTVC), as the name suggests, is a group of Jakarta-based, musicians who are equally influenced and driven by the sophistication, ruggedness and high-artistry of Future Jazz, Classic Soul, Deep House and Hip Hop.
Consisting of Elfa Zulham on drums, Kenny Gabriel on synth bass, and Doni Joesran on keys, the trio presents genre-bending music that combines mind-altering synths, snazzy chord progressions, deep sub-bass, energetic grooves and neck-breaking tempos to produce a sonic feast that excites the body and stimulates the mind.


earned his stripes the jazz way. A graduate of the Prins Claus Conservatorium in the Netherlands, EZ has performed around the globe while taking the mantle of his mentors Ari Hoenig, Greg Hutchinson, and Willie Jones III to create his own unique style of drumming that is as much Art Blakey and Elvin Jones as it is Chris Dave and Makaya McCraven plus more than a touch of Jay Dee thrown in for good measure.

Upon his return to Indonesia, Elfa Zulham found regular gigs with Indonesian jazz titans Indra Lesmana, Joey Alexander and Dewa Budjana as well as being music director for the Dira Sugandi Band and Program Coordinator for the world-renowned international jazz festival Java Jazz.
EZ is also a founding member of the influential Jakarta experimental jazz quartet Tomorrow People Ensemble and is regularly found around his hometown laying down the bop for the Elfa Zulham Quartet, Batavia Collective and The Jongens Quartet.

Kenny Gabriel

is a musician’s musician. Raised in a community and family of musicians, he has absorbed every musical genre under the sun, including the various permutations of rock, classical, jazz and soul, to name just a few, with a particular leaning towards and fondness for the hypnotic rhythms of electronica, house and techno. These wide-ranging influences have made Kenny Gabriel the multi- instrumentalist, DJ, arranger and composer he is today, culminating in his award of best National Keyboardist in 2014. In 2016 he also became the winner of “The Remix Season 2”, a prominent talent show on national television garnering a plethora of good reviews.
Kenny Gabriel is also a keen producer, having played an integral part in producing a handful of highly-regarded local albums by Svmmerdose, Teddy Adhitya, Audrey Tapiheru, Adrian Khalif, Batavia Collective and many more. As an instrumentalist, he was part of Indonesia’s biggest jazz festival Java Jazz in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Doni Joesran

where experience, dedication and pure skill is concerned, Doni Joesran has it all. With a musical resumé as long and extensive as Thelonious Monk’s piano solos and a glittering musical education to boot, Doni Joesran, or Donjoe as he is affectionately known, is a bona fide master of the 88 keys and is the go-to person for Indonesian jazz musicians looking for a touch of the sublime.
To date, Donjoe has worked with forward-thinking icons of the Indonesian music scene, including Barry Likumahuwa, Sister Duke, Rafi Muhammad, Teddy Adithya and Humania among many others. He has also performed at various shows and festivals throughout the archipelago and beyond, while also featuring in a long list of highly-regarded, local Indonesian albums.

An improvisational master, Doni also teaches advanced jazz improvisation at the famed Farabi music school in Jakarta, while also being a full-time member of the sensational dance floor duo Jacatra Audio Sistema with Leno Rei Makasutji as well as being a member of Batavia Collective along with Kenny Gabriel and Elfa Zulham.

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