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Unsubtitled* © Cecil Mariani

8 PM


Public Program

Curator Grace Samboh and Nathalie Johnston of Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA) host a reading group to discuss The Time is Out of Joint (2016) with Khairunnisa, Mary Pansanga and Ruth Noack. The session is moderated by Enin Supriyanto. 

As a curatorial conversation concerning four different collection-based exhibitions, reading lists and bibliography exchanges have been a big part of the Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories process. We’d read and understand these resources alone in our private (or secluded) space and time. Our upcoming public program Unsubtitled* intends to exercise the act of reading, digesting information, capturing the immediate afterthoughts and having conversations about these readings.
From the library of Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA), curator Grace Samboh chose a two-volume publication that is part of an exhibition and public programs project of the same name—The Time is Out of Joint (Sharjah: Sharjah Art Foundation, 2016)—curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh and Ala Younis. Featuring contributions from 37 arts and cultural practitioners from across Asia, the publication reflects the focus of the project that “adopts spatial and temporal strategies inspired by the idea of time as a fluid space and space as a frozen time”.
The event title is taken from Nguyễn Trinh Thî’s multi-channel video installation work that allows viewers to experience being around a number of people who eat while standing up. Eating is a simple everyday event, and, as Thi puts it, needs no explanation. Much like reading, even when it is done collectively or technically in the presence of others, we digest and process food alone. If we are to do it together, yet somehow apart at the same time, what can we learn from each other?

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