Talk Sedekah Benih Talks: Musik Für Pflanzen

Sedekah Benih Talks © Djuli Pamungkas

7 PM


Talk music for plants

Sedekah Benih is a participatory collaborative project initiated by Vincent Rumahloine (artist) and Mang Dian (environmental activist). This project combines artistic activities and exploration of music, local wisdom, and activism into an urban farming activity in the city of Bandung. This project runs from April to November 2021.
In the process of developing the Sedekah Benih project, we conducted experiments with musicians. It started by inviting Bottlesmoker as a collaborator and then moved along to other musicians to collaborate. With the title "Sound of Collaboration: Music for Plants" several musicians that were involved are Karinding Keos, YesYesYes, Gentrawirahma and Tegar. Through this collaboration process, the artists and musicians extracted information regarding the connection between music and plants. The experimental process and findings will be presented through an online talk session on Instagram Live with Sedekah Benih project team, Goethe-Institut Bandung and the 'Udunan Bunyi: Music for Plants' collaborators.