Concert video Alur Bunyi: RETURN

Alur Bunyi: RETURN © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

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Jazz, experimentelle zeitgenössische Musik

To be performed in concert format, this fourth edition of Alur Bunyi 2021 will take place on the GoetheHaus Jakarta stage without a live audience due to the pandemic.

Alur Bunyi will focus on educational topics regarding alternative practices in sonic creation when interacting with jazz.


Busy, dizzying urban life often creates an artificial reality that distracts us from the things that are truly essential in life. From the hubbub and the glamour of virtual reality to the clamor of material sounds, we are often leading a life of competition that directs us to focus on what we do not have and to demand constant validation.

But the pandemic has abruptly halted our constant movement. It draws us all to return to our inner self and ask: Are we genuinely deprived of many things in life? What are life’s most important things? What do we seek from life?

And as we dive into questions that are more complex, “Return” (kembali in Indonesian) itself is a reflection. Perhaps COVID-19 is the planet’s way of reprimanding us for our persistent damage to nature in the name of feeding our material greed.

Rani Jambak

Hailing from Medan, North Sumatra, musician Rani Jambak often addresses urban, cultural, and social issues as well as the relationship between modern society and our ancestors. Rani’s pioneering environmental campaign #formynature is where she produces music and discusses environmental issues in collaboration with NGOs such as Orangutan Haven and Bohorok Environmental Education Center.

Noah Revevalin

Pianist Noah Revevalin from Tangerang in West Java, Indonesia, specialises in jazz and contemporary music. His musical journey started with listening to metal progressive music by proponents such as Dream Theater. Noah’s love affair with jazz music began when he was introduced to the likes of Oscar Peterson and Yellowjackets during his mentorship with Aminoto Kosin and Imam Prasetyo. Noah majored in contemporary music at Pelita Harapan University, where he studied under Boby Limijaya, Julian Marantika, and Sri Hanuraga.

Noah’s accomplishments in his musical career include being one of the nine opening pianists in the Joey Alexander concert and winning second place in the “Jazz Goes to Campus” competition together with Krimayana Trio in 2016. More recently, Noah was asked to be the pianist in the talent scouting event MLDare2Perform and was selected to be part of the MLD Jazz Proect Season 4 in 2019. This year, Noah participated in JazzBuzz Salihara with Wishnu Dewantara and as Taufik Adam’s pianist in the International Ethnic Music Festival 2021.

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