Workshop and Performance Membangun Rumah (Building a House)

Membangun Rumah (Building a House), a Workshop and Performance with Marintan Sirait © Cecil Mariani

3 - 4 PM

Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Marintan Sirait (artist, educator, cultural practitioner) invites art enthusiasts and performers to join the workshop and performance of her work Membangun Rumah (Building a House).

Galeri Nasional - Pre-book of the visitation 'Membangun Rumah' (Building a House) is an effort to momentarily withdraw from road traffic, noise and vehicle pollution, shouts and fights, everyday life that is constantly driven by the acceleration of time in the hope of feeling one’s breath, heart beat, relationship with the body and orientation points such as trees, mountains, eyes, water and star constellations. The work is presented as an acupuncture for the body and soul, nature and the human sphere-an attempt to redefine the order of life.

The “land” is an installation of conical mounds of earth using sand, ash, light and gestures. On several occasions Marintan has also enriched her installations with text, videos, music and plants. She usually starts the show by drawing a circle of sand around each cone with her fingertips. She then covers her body with sand and draws lines with dark-colored soil, as if connecting the lining [gc1] cones or recreating new shapes with them.

Since 1994 Marintan has presented this work at many events in various countries. In each of her performances she always updates the motions and forms, adapting to the characteristics and context of the locus. Marintan often invites the audience to participate in shaping her work. Like a body that continuously evolves, this work is never permanent and fixed—it opens up space for participation and will never be finished.

As part of the exhibition "Para Sekutu yang Tidak Bisa Berkata Tidak" (The Acquiescent Allies) at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Marintan and the exhibition team have selected workshop participants through an open call. The participants will learn about the work and perform it to the public at the end of the workshop. Below their list of names:
  • Antika Aju Lusyana
  • Fatima Zahra
  • M. Rhaka Katresna
  • Marsilam Sun Lukas
  • Muhammad Nirwan Sambudi
  • Mutiara Intan Rismaya
  • Nessiya Novita
  • Nisa Apriliyanti
  • Nur Rohim Laras Setia
  • Reza Zefanya
  • Rizal Sofyan
  • Siti Maulida Putri
  • Wina Luthfiyya Ipnayati (Defiyya Moon)
  • Zahra Suhanda

Marintan Sirait

uses her body in many of her works. The body consistently appears as a vocal element in her oeuvre. A graduate in Ceramics, she regards the body as a tool and an energy channel to create an awareness of the connection between nature, humankind and ancestral practices. Since 1993 she has played a role in growing the Perengkel Jahe collective, RupaGerakBunyi, and the experimental artist collective Sumber Waras. In 1995 Marintan and husband Andar Manik founded Jendela Ide, a special cultural institution for children and youth.
Marintan Sirait © Marintan Sirait

About ‘Para Sekutu yang Tidak Bisa Berkata Tidak’ (The Acquiescent Allies)

Just like your all-time favorite songs, this exhibition presents a selection of works from the collections of Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, and Singapore Art Museum in a fresh perspective. The exhibition is curated by Grace Samboh, with Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Gridthiya Gaweewong and June Yap as part of the long-term project Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories. The exhibition runs from 28 January to 27 February 2022 at Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

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