Exhibition The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

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28.01 - 26.02.2023

Library of the Goethe-Institut Jakarta

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition explores what misinformation is, why it’s shared, and how it spreads.

What happens when we increasingly rely on social media and the web for nearly all our information? What information do we see, and what do we miss? How do we know if a picture or a tweet is genuine or truthful? Find out how we, the individual users, take part through our many clicks, likes and shares.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition provides an interactive, fun, and challenging experience that explores how technology and social media platforms are shaping the information that we see, consume and share in our everyday lives. The exhibition consists of interactive apps and visualisations that inspire visitors to question the information they receive online and to help them spot misinformation in its many guises.

After being exhibited in Berlin, New York, London and San Francisco, The Glass Room now comes to the Goethe-Institut Jakarta library. The exhibition can be visited during library opening hours.

Alongside the exhibition, visitors can pick up a Data Detox Kit, an easy-to-read printed guide to data and privacy, so you can learn how to take practical steps to improve your digital lives.

The Glass Room is a project by Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based, international NGO that explores and mitigates the impact of digital technologies on society. The project is Co-funded by the European Union.