ChopShots 2014

    Early Images of Southeast Asia
    16-27 Apr 2014

    Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
    Jakarta Pusat
    The exhibition sheds light on early-recorded moving images of Southeast Asia. Once a dream paradise eyed by Western powers, some early moving images of Southeast Asia reflect the gaze of the West who were charmed by its beauty and who were determined to keep its influence in the region.

    However, some early images also came from the forefathers of Southeast Asian cinema. These pieces originated from the few Southeast Asian pioneers of image recording that have been preserved by the following generations as personal treasures and national legacies.

    ChopShots 2014 is proud to present this rare collection of moving images of Southeast Asia, curated from diligent and generous archive institutions, family members and film institutions all over the worldwho see immense value in looking back to move forward.