Dare to Dream

Farewell My School
Selamat Tinggal Sekolahku
Farewell My SchoolUcu Agustin // Indonesia // 2013 // 13 min // Original with English sub. // U

Dare to Dream
Sat, 26 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 15:00
Sat, 26 Apr • TIM XXI 4 • 17:30
Sun, 27 Apr • Salihara • 17:00

Lintang (11) only has a few days left with his beloved friends at a school for disabled children. He is a passionate blind drummer with talent and confidence. The school has been a great place for him, but his father believes the time for his independent life has come.

Ucu Agustin (born in 1976) studied Islamic Studies in Jakarta. After working as a journalist for newspapers and magazines, she became a self-taught documentary filmmaker. Her work Death in Jakarta won the Jakarta International Film Festival script development program in 2005 and Ragat’e Anak was premiered at the Berlinale 2009.