CasaDaniela de Felice // France // 2013 // 55 min // Original with English sub. // 15+

Docs Animated
Thu, 24 Apr • TIM XXI 4 • 17:30
Sun, 27 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 15:00

In Casa Daniela de Felice tries to capture the images before leaving them. With her mother and brother, she wants to conjure up in this kitchen at rest, around an accordion, a seahorse or a box of beetles, the events this house had witnessed. The echoes of life in these walls. Tenderness, love, family. The last small rituals before leaving, appeased.

Daniela de Felice was born in Milan in 1976. In 1999 she directed her first film, "Coserelle". As an editor Daniela de Felice also collaborated to Matthieu Chatellier ́s films "Drawn by The Shadow" and "Doux Amer", both selected at Cinema du réel in 2011. "Casa" was premiered at Cinéma du réel 2013 and won a jury’s special mention. “Casa” is also honoured with the “Golden Dove for Animated Documentary” at Dok Leipzig 2013.