Children of KubuChildren of Kubu
Kubu Terakhir
Children of KubuBenny Sumarna // Indonesia // 2012 // 30 min // Original with English sub. // U

My Forest, My River, My Mountain
Thu, 24 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 19:00
Sat, 26 Apr • Kineforum TIM • 15:00

Padek, Bungo, Habibah and many other kids from the Kubu tribe live deep inside the rainforest of Banai, West Sumatra. They have a strong desire to learn to read and write in Indonesian as well as mathematics, even though they actually do not really understand why they should learn those things. Is it for a better life or just as a mere game between going hunting and swimming together in the river? They still don’t know what kind of change awaits them and their tribe tomorrow.

Benny Sumarna loves the sea and wishes to stay and make a home on the planet Mars one day. Children of Kubu is his first film, which he made during a documentary workshop with In-Docs in 2012.