Daughter and the Palmae Blossoms
Konsrey ning Phka Sla
Daughter and the Palmae BlossomsPolen Ly // Cambodia // 2012 // 16 min // Original with English sub. // 18+

Third Sex
Thu, 24 Apr • TIM XXI 4 • 19:30
Sat, 26 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 17:00

A lesbian daughter was forced to marry a man. But she never lost faith in true identity; she rose and failed, then she stood up and fought again for the freedom to become her own self.

Polen Ly attended a medical school for 5 years. For the past one and a half year, he decided to take time off to explore his passion in filmmaking. Being a documentary filmmaker has taught him to become more compassionate and to understand more about the society. He sees film as a free way to express himself and as a way to open people’s eyes to new things.