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Ralston G. Jover

Ralston G. JoverRalston G. JoverHe studied filmmaking with screen writing as major at the Mowelfund Film Institute in Manila. He has worked for television stations and film outfits in Manila as a screen writer for the past 16 years.

He started making documentaries in 2008 with much prodding from his colleagues, focusing on creative documentaries or features with narrative formats.

Currently, he is finishing a documentary feature “Magdarame- Sinners & Saints”. It’s about religious devotees who subject themselves to flagellation, crucifixion and other pagan practices but at the same time are also engaged in prostitution, gangsterism and other syndicated activities.

He has also partially shot a narrative feature entitled “The Dog Show” and still rewriting and polishing the script.

He has finished a new screenplay for a non-government organization with an advocacy against abortion. The film title is “Bendor” (The Vendor), it tackles the impunity issue on illegal vending activities of abortive pills around the perimeters of Catholic churches in Manila. He is also directing the film and awaiting appropriate funding from the NGO.

Recently, he received a full scholarship from the Torino Script & Pitch Lab that will hold in-depth & extensive film workshops &and pitching sessions at various locations (Sweden, France & Italy), from March to November 2012.

He also does AVP’s, writes for a publishing house, and gives lectures on screen writing & directing to various colleges & cineaste groups all around the Philippines.

Bakal Boys
ManoroFoster Child

Film list:

  • Bendor (a.k.a The Vendor) (in pre-production), Screen Writer/Director)
  • Da Dog Show (a.k.a The Dog Show) (in production), Screen writer/Director
  • Magdarame-Sinners & Sanits (2012) in-post production
  • Bakal Boys (a.k.a Children Metal Divers (2009), Screen writer/Director
  • Marlon, Blind Boy (2008), Screen writer/Co-director
  • Tirador (a.k.a Slingshot, 2008), Screen writer
  • Foster Child (2007), Screen writer
  • Manoro (a.k.a The Aeta Teacher) (2007), Screen writer
  • Kubrador (a.k.a The Bet Collector) (2006), Screen writer


  • Best Film at Young Critics Circle of the Philippines 2010 for BAKAL BOYS
  • Best Screenplay at Skip-City Digital Film Festival 2010 in Japan for BAKAL BOYS
  • Best Public Film at Lyon Asian Film Festival 2010 in France for BAKAL BOYS
  • Best Digital Film at Barcelona Asian Film Festival 2010 in Spain for BAKAL BOYS
  • Winner of Cipputi Prize for Best Film About Children at Torino Int’l. Film Festival 2009 in Italy for BAKAL BOYS
  • Winner of Special Mention for Screenplay & Choice of Subject Matter at Thessaloniki Int’l Film Festival 2009 in Greece for BAKAL BOYS
  • Winner of Special Mention at Vancouver Int’l Film Festival 2009 for BAKAL BOYS
  • Best Film at NETPAC Section Cinemalaya 2009 for BAKAL BOYS
  • Best Documentary at Cinemanila Int’l Film Festival 2008 for MARLON
  • Winner of Gawad Tanglaw Awards 2008 in Philippines for Best Story & Screenplay for FOSTER CHILD
  • Winner of Gawad Genio Awards 2007 for Best Screenplay in Zamboanga City for FOSTER CHILD
  • Best Screenplay at Young Critics Circle of the Philippines 2007 for FOSTER CHILD
  • Nominated for Best Screenplay at Torino Int’l Film Festival 2007 in Italy for MANORO
  • Winner of Gawad Tanglaw Awards Best Story & Screenplay in Philippines for KUBRADOR
  • Best Screenplay at the Entertainment Press of the Philippines 2006 for KUBRADOR
Ralston G. Jover
Phone: +63 9399155181