29 April – 5 May 2020: Cultural Events Online
Theatre a-plenty and lots of other events

Illustration of a painter and a sculpture
© Goethe-Institut. Illustration: Katta Rasche

April showers have brought May flowers – and plenty of new digital events to enjoy. Including music to the eye, literature in translation and theatre over the phone.

Wednesday 29 April, 6 pm

FOUND IN TRANSLATION. Berlin reads and writes, speaks and lives in a great many different languages. So this reading and discussion aim to do a bit of justice to the German capital’s polyglot culture. The Literaturhaus Berlin seek to give the German-speaking readership access to Berlin-based writers who’ve yet to be translated into German. The featured guests are Taiwanese artist and author Tsou Yung-Shan and Bosnian-born writer and actor Milenko Goranović.
>>> Reading at Literaturhaus Berlin
Friday 1 May to Saturday 9 May
BYTES THAT MEAN THE WORLD. The Berliner Festspiele will be holding this year’s Theatertreffen online for the first time. Six productions from their annual theatre festival will be shown as videos on demand, along with various interviews and discussions about the plays and about the world of the theatre itself. The videos by various ensembles from Bochum to Berlin are each available for 24 hours.
>>> Theatertreffen

2 May 2020, 5–6 pm
A TREAT FOR EYES AND EARS ... when NØR perform. Because each track by these Berlin-based DJs comes with a visual composition, a collaborative effort by various artists. So the audio and video are not separate, they’re one. This live stream is presented by the Goethe-Institut Thailand in association with De Commune.
>>> Soundbridge Berlin-Bangkok with NØR


Podcast: “Gemischtes Hack”

... IS DELECTABLE FARE, whether it’s a mix of minced pork and beef or a funny podcast with comedian Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt. Every Wednesday, this odd couple share life hacks and anecdotes from their youth and from the workaday world.
>>> Gemischtes Hack auf Spotify

THE STUFF THEY LEAVE BEHIND. After her parents die, Agnes has to clean out their house. But where does she start? Every object is charged with memories. Should she keep them all herself? Give them away? Sell them off? Throw them away? Actress Gilla Cremer asks herself what to do with it all in her solo play My Parents’ Things. To make it available to home audiences, she has now posted video recordings of German and English renditions of her play – performed to an empty house at the Hamburg Kammerspiele – on her website!
>>> Gilla Cremer’s “My Parents’ Things” 

DIGITAL MAN(HEIM). The Kunsthalle Mannheim has loomed large in the cultural life of this industrial city on the Rhine for over a hundred years. And now the museum has gone digital, too. So check out the museum’s collection of modern and contemporary art, from Auguste Rodin and Paul Cézanne to Otto Dix, online – no need to wait in line!  
>>> Kunsthalle Mannheim



Looking to livestream international cultural events? Kulturama brings the global arts scene right into your living room, including house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from Munich and live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organizers and artists list their cultural events on the Kulturama platform calendar, which opens them up to an unlimited international audience. Users will find the dates and times of upcoming events and can make donations to support artists of their choice. Together and in solidarity through this time.
>>> Kulturama.digital

Monday 4 May, 3–9 pm
Theatre | Residenztheater Munich
DRAMATIC HOUSE CALLS. Munich’s Residenztheater are turning cold calls into hot numbers! You pick a time and actors from the company will ring you up then and read, recite or act out monologues, monodramas or short scenes from this season’s productions for you, or stories for your kids – live over the phone!
>>> Resi calls 


We’re always on the lookout for online events these days, so if you have any tips or leads of your own, please email us at: sophia.karimi@goethe.de or sinah.grotefels@goethe.de. We look forward to checking out your recommendations!