6–12 May 2020: Cultural events online
From poetry to podcast festival

Illustration of a reading in a recording studio
© Goethe-Institut. Illustration: Katta Rasche

We have some diverse digital events lined up for you this week. They run the gamut from a conference in digital exile, potent poetry readings and Tourette’s-syndrome theatre to club acts and a podcast festival.

Wednesday 6 May, 8 pm
QUITE UNINTENTIONAL, IT’S JUST TOURETTE’S! Is it possible to do theatre with Tourette syndrome – with elements of unscripted anarchy and unscripted bedlam? How much can a stage take – and what’s the stage there for anyway? How much can an audience take and, if there’s no intention and no control, what are we in for? Rimini Protokoll put contemporary theatre through a stress test in this play by Helgard Haug – and it’s worth it. You can watch the performance, including a live chat, here:
>>> Berliner Festspiele – Theatre Festival

Thursday 7 May, 11.30 am – 11 pm
DIGITAL EXILE? DIGITAL HOME! The re:publica conference on digital society can’t be physically held this year. But it never stops inquiring into the interrelations, interaction and balance of power between media, politics, culture and technology, and the responsibilities they place on each individual and on our society as a whole. So it’s only natural that the conferees will be hooking up digitally to discuss the current global situation that is redefining social interaction as we know it.
>>> re:publica in digital exile

Friday 8 May, 8 pm

UP FOR A WILD BERLIN EXPERIENCE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT? You bet! The KitKatClub epitomizes Berlin’s brand of carefree carousing and “sex-positive” togetherness. Live streams from the club, featuring big names in the techno scene, start every evening at 8 pm.
>>> KitKatClub


Podcast: An hour of history

Deutschlandfunk Nova’s weekly podcast packs quite a lot of history into a single hour! It runs the gamut from Charlemagne, the Nuremberg Trials and Malcolm X to decoding the human genome and the invention of present-day forensics, to name just a few of the milestones covered in this compact survey of world history.
>>> An hour of history

Saturday 9 May, 8 pm
TRANSLATING DEMANDS VIRTUOSITY AND SENSIBILITY. Literary translation is a fine art that enables readers to immerse themselves in foreign worlds of experience. So translators deserve some respect and appreciation! Phillip Boehm has been awarded this year’s Helen & Kurt Wolff Translation Prize for his English rendering of Christine Wunnicke’s novel The Fox and Dr. Shimamura (New Directions, 2019). In an online interview Boehm talks about the expressive possibilities of translation at the interface between different cultures and then reads some passages from the novel.
>>>Translating Unconventional Narratives: A Conversation with 2020 Wolff Prizewinner Philip Boehm

Sunday 10 May, 5 pm
SINGING TOGETHER? Works just fine in times of social distancing, too! For starters, the Stay Sing Choir invites one and all to a collective videoconference rehearsal of a polyphonic pop song, to be followed on Sunday afternoon by a big concert to be given by the whole choir on the digital stage. Singing – and especially singing together – makes people happy.
>>> Stay Sing Choir



Looking to livestream international cultural events? Kulturama brings the global arts scene right into your living room, including house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from Munich and live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organizers and artists list their cultural events on the Kulturama platform calendar, which opens them up to an unlimited international audience. Users will find the dates and times of upcoming events and can make donations to support artists of their choice. Together and in solidarity through this time.
>>> Kulturama.digital

Monday 11 May, 7.30 pm
INDELIBLE WORDS. A digital foretaste of a new series called Das Lesen der Anderen (The Reading of Others) at Berlin’s Haus für Poesie (Poetry House) will be accessible online next Monday evening. Max Czollek and Jo Frank will be discussing the role poetry should play in social discourse: Does it enlighten us, shift our perceptions and perhaps even bolster our resiliency? Mely Kiyak, Kübra Gümüşay and Jeff Wilbusch will each present a poem that has left an indelible impression on them. For if social discourse has been dying down during the corona crisis, it’s time to rekindle it with some potent poetry.
>>> The Reading of Others – Potent Poetry

Tuesday 12 May, 7 pm
NO MUSIC, NO EXCITING INTERVIEWS EITHER at this particular music festival … Because it’s all about the cultural scene’s big winners in the current crisis: podcasts. They distract and entertain us, dispel loneliness and bring us closer together. At this non-festival, the makers of well-known German podcasts and leading lights in the cultural sector will be joining forces to help Hamburg’s battered cultural scene back onto its feet. Participants will include Hotel Matze, Fest & Flauschig, Sebastian Fitzek, Simone Buchholz, Hape Kerkeling et al.
>>> Nobody shows, everybody joins in


Got Any Tips?

We’re always on the lookout for online events these days, so if you have any tips or leads of your own, please email us at: sophia.karimi@goethe.de or sinah.grotefels@goethe.de. We look forward to checking out your recommendations!