Mattis Kuhn

Mattis Kuhn
Mattis Kuhn | © Julia Jesionek

As part of the activities of the Goethe-Institut around Artificial Intelligence, the German artist and curator Mattis Kuhn will participate in the artist in residence programme of The Model in Sligo.During his stay in May and June he will take a look at the relationship between art and AI.

In 2018, Mattis Kuhn already curated the exhibition “I am here to learn” on AI in the arts at the Frankfurter Kunstverein where he brought together works by artists from all over the world.

During his stay he will primarily focus on sensual and material aspects. In the context of art & AI sensual artefacts can sharpen the perception of technology. In addition, he will work on a concept for an exhibition.

Mattis Kuhns’ innovative approach to AI enables an artistic point of view and leads to new possibilities dealing with AI.