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European Book Club

EBC Young Voices 2022 © Goethe-Institut

EBC Young Voices 2022

The European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) in Ireland are delighted to launch the new European Book Club season, a series of monthly discussions on a bestselling novel in English translation.

Photo Alice Zeniter ©Goethe-Institut Alice Zeniter

The new season began on 13 January, 2022, with a presentation of the book L'art de perdre (The Art of Losing) by Alice Zeniter, a French novelist, playwright and director, supported by Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy. The interview was conducted in English by Sinéad Mac Aodha, Director of Literature Ireland.

Photo Khuê Phạm © Goethe-Institut Khuê Phm

On 3 February, 2022, the Goethe-Institut Irland invited you to the European Book Club with award winning journalist and German author Khuê Phạm.
The author read from her novel Wo auch immer ihr seid (Brothers and Ghosts) and discussed her work with translator Rachel McNicholl.  



Juan Gómez Bárcena © Goethe-Institut Juan Gómez Bárcena

In this third session of the season, Instituto Cervantes Dublin presented The Sky Over Lima, the debut novel of Spanish author Juan Gómez Bárcena, translated by Andrea Rosenberg. Bárcena has published a series of short stories titled Los que duermen (2012) and the three novels The Sky Over Lima (2014), Kanada (2017) and Ni siquiera los muertos (2020). He lives and works in Madrid.


European Book Club: Paola Peretti ©GOETHE-INSTITUT Paola Peretti

On the 7th of April 2022 the Italian Institute of Culture Dublin presented the novel by Italian author Paola Peretti, The Distance Between me and the Cherry Tree (La distanza tra me e il ciliegio). As a journalist, Peretti writes for several Italian newspapers. The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree is her first novel.


Book Club with Afonso Reis Cabral ©GOETHE-INSTITUT Afonso Reis Cabral

For the fifth session of the European Book Club, the Portuguese Embassy in Dublin and the cultural institute Camões present you Afonso Reis Cabral's travel diary Take me with You – Portugal’s National Road 2 on Foot. Reis Cabral has a B.A. and a M.A. in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from Nova University Lisbon and works as a freelance editor, contributing to various newspapers in Portugal.


European Book Club: Witold Szabłowski ©GOETHE-INSTITUT Witold Szabłowski

In the last meeting, presented by the Embassy of Poland in Dublin, the Polish journalist and writer Witold Szabłowski discussed his collection of reportages, Dancing Bears: True Stories of People Nostalgic for Life Under Tyranny. He also gave a first-hand account of the situation in Ukraine where he has been investigating the toll that the Russian invasion has taken on Ukrainian people.

Coming soon...

Coming soon Teaser © Goethe-Institut

The Idea

Logo European Book Club harri kuhn (mischen) We are very proud to present an exciting and inspiring digital format: The “European Book Club” - presented by the EUNIC partners in Ireland: Instituto Cervantes, Alliance Française and the French Embassy, Instituto Italiano di Cultura, the Polish Embassy, the Portuguese Embassy as well as Culture Ireland and the Goethe-Institut Dublin - is a series of events that embraces the new virtual solidarity across local borders during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Each event is organized by one of the partner organizations: It focuses on authors from the respective country who will present their bestselling novel. A moderator accompanies the audience in English through the evening and enters into dialogue with the author. An open Q&A session with the audience closes the event.

The "European Book Club" is supported by the EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) organisations in Ireland. The purpose of EUNIC is to create a lasting partnership and network between the participating institutions in order to enhance and promote cultural diversity and understanding between European societies, as well as to strengthen international dialogue and cooperation with countries outside Europe.


Previous Events

The first season of the European Book Club online event series consisted of five parts and took place from February to June 2021. Click here to read about the involved authors and their novels. You can watch recordings of selected events on youtube.

European Book Club 2021