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European Languages and Cultures Programme

Because of the pandemic, the 2020 European Languages and Cultures Programme had to be held online. © Goethe-Institut Irland, TAP
Traveling the European continent has never been easier: air connections to the mainland, for example, often cost less than a cab - the goal of the week-long European Languages and Cultures Program is to introduce 10th grade students to the European cultural institutes in the city of Dublin, thus facilitating their access to the cultures and languages of Europe.

Ein Tag im Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Freiraum Dublin 2018 (C) Goethe-Institut Irland To this end, the Trinity Access Programme and the Goethe-Institut Irland collaborate with a number of European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) to organize several program days for TAP-linked schools. The program is an outgrowth of the Freiraum Project, which was very successfully adopted until 2021 but has now ended.

Each partner institution organizes one day a week, resulting in a varied program. In this way, the students often have the opportunity to discover not only the food, language and literature, but also the theater and cinema of European cultures.

What has happened so far ...