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European Book Club 2021

Photo Sandro Veronesi
Sandro Veronesi

The Instituto Italiano die Cultura hosted the first European Book Club on February 4th, 2021. The author, essayist and journalist Sandro Veronesi presented his book Caos Calmo, which celebrated great success beyond Italy. Also the film version which was shown at the Berlinale became very popular. Together with the English translator of the book Michael Morre; he designed an absolutely exciting and inspiring start to the series of events.

Photo Anne Garréta
Anne Garréta

On March 4, 2021, the Alliance Française and the French Embassy Dublin invited to the European Book Club event with the French writer Anne Garréta. Together with Philippe Imbert, Professor of Comparative Literature and Sex Studies at Dublin City University, she introduced her remarkable debut novel Sphinx - a story about two lovers in the Parisian nightlife without assigning a gender to either of them. The author shared her passion for innovative writing and her role as a feminist in literature: She is one of the few female members of Oulipo - the influential and exclusive French experimental literature group that has set itself the task of designing mathematical and formal structures for literary works.

Photo Dörte Hansen
Dörte Hansen

Dörte Hansen is a German linguist, journalist and writer. This House Is Mine is her debut novel in which she critically deals with the subject of homeland. Considering the fact that many townspeople move to the countryside, she deals with the construction of an idealized village life. In the European Book Club on 8 April 2021 she took the audience into the life of the main female character, living in Altes Land, a rural area near Hamburg, and gave a glimpse into her own experiences with home and foreign countries. The event was hosted by the Goethe-Institut Ireland and moderated by the Irish author Mia Gallagher.

Foto Andres Barba (c) harri kuhn (mischen)
Andrés Barba

Andrés Barba is one of the most important contemporary Spanish writers. He became famous with the novel La Hermana de Katia, which was published in 2001 and generated great resonance, especially in Spain, but also beyond. At the European Book Club on 6 May 2021, which was organised by the Instituto Cervantes, he spoke about his book A Luminous Republic and took the audience with him to a faraway place in Argentina, shimmering with heat: To the town of San Cristobál, a supposedly prosperous and unremarkable place that is then thrown into turmoil by a group of children. Not only writing, but also storytelling is his passion, which could be experienced live at the European Book Club. The renowned literary magazine Granta also described him as one of the best Spanish-language storytellers.

foto anne enright (c) harri kuhn (mischen)
Anne Enright

Anne Enright, one of Ireland's most successful and widely read authors, was a guest at the closing event of the European Book Club, hosted by Culture Ireland. Together with Sinéad Mac Aodha, Director of Literature Ireland, she spoke about her book The Green Road: a story about the weight of family ties, about siblings and children - and about landscapes that are home. Along the Green Road, Anne Enright led the audience on 3 June 2021 into an exciting, inspiring story. It was unique to experience the Dublin-based author, winner of numerous book awards and Professor of Creative Writing at University College Dublin, at this event.