The German Quiz Challenge


The German Quiz Challenge
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THE GERMAN QUIZ CHALLENGE is the second assessment and learning tool produced and developed by the Goethe-Institut London in partnership with ovos, the development company based in Vienna, Austria.

After the success of the Erasmus + Project THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, a language learning and assessment tool for primary school pupils, our most recent gaming project THE GERMAN QUIZ CHALLENGE is targeted at secondary school pupils aged 13 to 16. The goal is to supply a tool that allows increasing the quality of German lessons and the motivation of learners to study the German language.

The game allows teachers to see the development of the pupils’ knowledge and their ability to use the language. It increases the motivation to learn, as the gaming nature of this assessment tool prevents students from feeling stressed by the evaluation process. 

Moreover, the game is played on smartphones or tablets, both are devices and communication tools well known to students. It is developed in an online application and sees the students grouping in teams, to reinforce the team spirit of the class and reduce the fear of individual failure during a test. The game sessions are overseen, started and ended by the teacher; each player uses an avatar and nickname to guarantee anonymity.

The content of the game is divided into four different chapters, the whole game lasts about 35 Minutes. The storyline focuses on five German friends living in Munich, who have in common their passion for skateboarding. The tasks proposed revolve around this topic, including some questions of common knowledge about the German speaking countries in Europe.

The app is available in the Apple and Google Play store.
For iOS
For Android

In addition, a set of support materials has been developed by the Goethe-Institut London. For more information on how to access the game, please refer to the additional materials below, or contact a member of our team.
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Language Office and Project Manager
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