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Wuppertal, Germany
Carl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium Wuppertal

#FutureNow – Schulen für Nachhaltigkeit - Wuppertal

At CFG, a grammar school with 1476 pupils and 129 teachers in Wuppertal, Germany, we focus on European projects, modern languages, natural sciences and sustainability. We are therefore looking forward to combining all these aspects in our #FutureNow project with our partner school in England.

Motto: The future starts now. Together with Culham!

We are participating with a course focussing on "sustainability" consisting of 20 students aged 13-15 and we are looking forward to the exchange. Right now we are working our way into the SDGs and creating an ebook for our partner school. It could be exciting to work on the topic of microplastics or biodiversity (comparison Thames - Wupper). We are very excited!