Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter

Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter

Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter © Anna Kolata LIT Millennium Theatre, 01.10.2018, 12.30 PM

This theatre performance for school classes is part of a tour through North West Europe and a great way of celebrating the European Day of Languages on 26th September 2018.
In her play – called „Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter“– Sibylle Berg tells a story about friendship, loneliness and courage.
Lisa has no friends and her parents give her little time and attention. Her home is grey and lonely, and in school Lisa is confronted with bullying teenagers and ignorant teachers. The dreariness clears up with the arrival of an alien in Lisa’s garden. For the sake of simplicity she calls him Walter, and he does what no one else in Lisa’s life does: he helps her develop self-esteem and trust.
The play is suitable for learners of German between 15 and 17 years old with about 3 years of German.

In addition we offer a workshop for pupils after the performance (and after a lunch break). Spaces for the workshops are limited and we therefore recommend an early registration. Duration of the workshop is 90 minutes. Please make sure you have the approval of your class teacher for the trip before you book spaces for the workshop. Please attach your class teacher’s permission to your registration form. Since spaces for the workshops are limited we aim to make the registration process as fair as possible.

Teaching resources for the play are available as a free download: