Upskilling Course Movement in online teaching

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Tue, 07.07.2020


Our attention span when sitting in front of a screen is much shorter than when in an actual classroom. Therefore it is important to find ways to loosen up your teaching. So why not use a bit of movement too? Movement motivates, supplies the brain with blood, and creates more synopses in the brain.
In this webinar we will look at which typical movement games can be used online too, how we can integrate joggling and balance and which role our fingers can play to increase concentration while learning German.
Claudia Böschel (M.A.) is a freelance lecturer and author on German as a second and foreign language and sport.  As well as teaching herself she also works in teacher training and up-skilling and is particularly passionate about methodology and finding new methods and material for teaching.
She has developed special programmes such as “Language in Motion?”. Through her work in Alzheimer Research she is intensively involved in looking at how the human brain works. She also has her own publishing company for teaching German as a foreign/ second language.

This course is in an online format and free of charge!

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