Performance Nezaket Ekici - Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist, Marta Museum Herford, 2010, Performancetour: Deutschlandstudien  Bernd Schäperkötter

Thu, 26.01.2017

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Project Arts Centre

Zeitgeist, Marta Museum Herford, 2010, Performancetour: Deutschlandstudien

Fading memories

Together with Digital Rights Ireland the Goethe-Institut Irland present a series of events linked by themes of Data Protection.

The Internet has become a tool for the realization of a range of human rights, but digital technologies also play a role in undermining human rights, whether it is the right to be forgotten in Google searches or electronic surveillance.

The artist Nezaket Ekici will run a marthon for 2 hours through Dublin with a camera and will film the people and the city. She moves like a living security camera throughout Dublin. The resulting film is afterwards presented during the exhibition as part of the live-performance in form of a projection on the wall. Furthermore, you can see next to the marathon film a second projection with a live circuit on which shows the close-up of the artists face, while she is running on the spot in front of the film.

The performance creates a time shift connection between the video and the live situation. The viewer sees the city on the video and listens to the surroundings. Together with the live performance of the artist and the live circuit of the second projection, the viewer experiences several time levels. Past and present are placed in a contextual relationship.

"Zeitgeist" is a work in progress performance installation since 2006 and has been realised in Santa Monica, LA (2006), Istanbul (2006), Herford (2010) and Stuttgart (2011).

Nezaket Ekici, born in Turkey 1970 and moved to Germany in 1973 with her family. She lives and works in Berlin and Stuttgart. She studied painting and sculpture in Munich, then moved into performance art and completed a master’s degree in Performance Art with Marina Abramovic in Braunschweig in 2004. She has presented her works worldwide at museums, biennales, galleries and festivals.