Stop Racism (C) Colourbox

Tue, 24.11.2020



Alice Hasters: "Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen, aber wissen sollten"

At the Goethe-Institut's international online book club, like-minded people from all over Northern Europe can read German-language literature together and share their reading experience. What's really special is that the authors will join us live, read from their books and take part in our discussion.

For our fourth get-together on November 24, we welcome the writer Alice Hasters who will read and discuss her book: Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen, aber wissen sollten.

"Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen, aber wissen sollten" (What white people don't want to hear about racism, but should know)

If you want to fight racism, you have to advocate change - and change begins with yourself.

"Could I touch your hair?", "Do you get sunburn?", "Where are you from?" ...

People who ask these kind of questions, usually don't have bad intentions. But they are still racist. Often white people don't want to hear why this is the case. Despite this tendency, Alice Hasters explains the reasons why. In a penetrating and patient way she describes how racism influences her everyday life in Germany. What becomes clear is that racism is not only a problem for the extreme right in society. And confronting yourself with your own racism is at first painful but the only way to overcome it.


Alice Hasters © H. Henkensiefken
Alice Hasters was born in Cologne in 1989. She studied Journalism in Munich and worked for the Tagesschau TV news programme and the RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) broadcaster. She talks about feminism and pop culture together with Maxi Häcke in the monthly podcast Feuer & Brot (Fire & Bread). Alice Hasters lives in Berlin.

Who can participate?

Everyone who wants to read, discover, meet German authors and share their reading experience with others is welcome. The conversation will be in German. All participants should have sufficient language skills to read and discuss in German.

Participation is free of charge.
Technical requirements

We will use Zoom for our meeting. We recommend the use of a headset, as speakers can create disturbing echo effects. Participation is possible from PC and Mac. To participate, simply follow the link we will send you when you register.