Exhibition Drawing

Animals in a landscape (C) Photography by Gerard Byrne

Fri, 10.09.2021 -
Sat, 02.10.2021

Return Gallery

An Exhibition by the Film Class of the Städelschule

“The four of us share a studio in the Städelschule in Frankfurt at Dürerstraße 10. Our class and its discussions are primarily concerned with film and filmic mediation. Drawing is a medium historically associated with planning and preparation. Often making one drawing leads toanother in a sequence.”

This is the first exhibition of “The German School” series of exhibitions at the Goethe-Institut Irland.
The series is an initiative of the Film Class of Professor Gerard Byrne at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main. For the first exhibition, four students coming from four different countries, who share a studio space at the school, have proposed an exhibition that dwells on drawing as a space of mutual interest, where differences are tolerated and correspondences are affirmed. For a press image, the students chose to use a work by Professor Gerard Byrne as a sign, to mark an “X” within the world of images, where their collective interests have come to coincide.

Works by Gabriele Rendina Cattani (Italy), Hyunjung Choi (South Korea), Arthur Stachurski (USA) and Jia Jun Nicholas Toh (Singapore)

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Please note that due to the protected structure of the Georgian building, the gallery is not wheelchair accessible.

“The German School” is presented by the Goethe-Institut Irland in collaboration with the Städelschule as part of the cultural programme to mark the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Ireland.