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Ameet Singh

About the Actant

Ameet Singh © Ameet Singh © Ameet Singh Ameet Singh is a practicing architect, academician and new media artist. As a part of an Interdisciplinary Master’s Programme he studied music and architecture in the UK, graduating with distinction. His previous works explored architectural space, digital light projections and sound using ambient music as a theoretical framework. His work has been exhibited at Lalit Kala Akademi, (New Delhi, group show), Zandra Rhodes Gallery (Rochester, UK) and Bluefrog (New Delhi). He has also been a part of the first edition of KYTA (2014), an experimental residency programme based in Kalga, Himachal Pradesh. He organises sound walks and explores the acoustic ecology of Delhi's urban forests. 

"Everything we do is Music" - John Cage

Metro Sonata © Ameet Singh © Ameet Singh A perceived commute on the metro to the office or to your college and back: A few stray glances are shared and a few stray conversations happen, out of necessity or need. The same announcements accompany commuters every day. A sort of silence hangs in the air, a silence which is a manifestation of humanity’s everyday machinations. The Delhi Metro is a very sterile, efficient and controlled public space whose design is purely for movement. What if suddenly an incident in a long interchange passageway makes people control the sound of the announcements? They can play with it, their movement defines how and what it sounds like, melodic elements are added to the elements that make the announcements more musical. A temporal intervention in this space converts people into a live orchestra in which, movement and density are the instrument of the creation of the aural soundscape. Metro Sonata is a collaborative project with electronic musicians and software and hardware programmers.