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Ish Shehrawat

About the Actant

Ish Shehrawat © Ish Shehrawat © Ish Shehrawat Ish Shehrawat (Ish S) is a composer, sound artist, curator and musician from New Delhi, India. His primary field of interest is sound art and installation, along with electro-acoustic music; he has presented some of his works as sound installations and mixed media works. Trained as a classical guitar player, he is also an electronic musician. Producing creative works under different pseudonyms and projects such as edGeCut, diFfused beats, Khayali pulao and 4th World Orchestra, he creates, collaborates and produces a wide spectrum of music and sounds ranging from jazz to classical and ambient to experimental electronic music and has developed his own style. He has produced various sound art installations, albums and composed music for independent short films, plays, performances and contemporary dance recitals. In 2009 he founded the music label ‘Sound Reasons’, this creative endeavor promotes contemporary and electronic music. Ish S curates the Sound Reasons Festival for sound art and experimental electronic music that has taken place in India and South Asia since 2012.

Sound Reasons: Sonic Sessions © Ish Shehrawat © Ish Shehrawat '‘A day in the Life’ will be an intervention, an extension in the form of SONIC SESSIONS that will present the new creative and curatorial direction at Sound Reasons and contain numerous heterogeneous opportunities to listen and to engage with the Sonic Phenomenons such as installations, directed listening sessions, presentations and live performances. The Sonic Sessions will extend the very idea of an exhibition as an ‘evolving phenomenon’, so that it becomes something that can be experienced and engaged with over a period of time. This will be become the focus – to create a ‘dynamic sound based space-time’. This sort of engagement is important in order to truly represent the medium of sound in its contemporary form, where new lines can be drawn so that the curatorial along with the creative can overlap and the subtle nuances of Sonic phenomenons can be experienced through re-engaged listening(s).