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Aishwarya Walvekar & Shromona Das
Five Million Incidents

About the Actants

Aishwarya Walvelkar & Shromona Das © Aishwarya Walvelkar & Shromona Das © Aishwarya Walvelkar & Shromona Das Aishwarya Walvekar and Shromona Das are research scholars in the School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. While researching performing and visual arts, they both also have practical experience, with Shromona being in visual and Aishwarya in performing arts. Their performances are innovative, experimental and reflect their understanding of theories as well as practice. 

Dastaan - e - Ling © Aishwarya Walvelkar & Shromona Das © Aishwarya Walvelkar & Shromona Das Dastaan - e - Ling is a performance woven around the stories of gender constructions as they are practiced in society. The project aims at documenting, not on paper or through photographs or videos, but through embodying the experiences of engendering prevalent in society and culture in Delhi. Unraveling such tales, Dastan - e - Ling attempts to expose degrees of feminity materialised in the body through objects like bangles, bindis, purses, sanitary napkins, etc. The performance, enacted on a cart carrying such engendered objects, will narrate the tales of these objects embodied by the two performers. The objective of this performance is to document and re-enact the times of gendered behaviours which intervenes as an incident in the Time that governs us all.