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9 artists – 9 impREssions of Bangalore

bangaloREsidents@1 Shanthi Road
© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

After the long wait, the time had finally come: Slightly sleepy, but still very lively, the artists of the bangaloREsidency 2019 Season II emerged from the airport at 3.00 a.m. on October 20th.

They were greeted with jasmine garlands, a specially-assembled survival kit for first timers and a big hello. The mutual introduction turned out to be superfluous, as they had already identified themselves as bangaloREsidents on the plane and got to know each other over the first on-board champagne.

So, right after the must-take group photos, the bags were shouldered and loaded into the cars along with the residents, for the journey into the Bangalore city centre and their upcoming artistic projects.

For the next month or two, they will explore India through sound, textiles, fragrance and architecture, and work on their often participatory projects.

Get to know them and what they have in mind through the following videos:

The Agency
The Agency I Magdalena Emmerig & Yana Thönnes I bangaloREsidents@Sandbox Collective
 Flo Maak
Flo Maak I bangaloREsident@Pepper House
Lauryn Mannigel
Lauryn Mannigel I bangaloREsident@Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Raisa & Marvin
Raisa Galofre & Marvin Systermans I bangaloREsident@Pepper House
Nadin Reschke
Nadin Reschke I bangaloREsident@1 Shanti Road
STRWÜÜ I Jo Wanneng & Lukas Fütterer I @bangaloREsidents@Indian Sonic Research Organisation