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Football total

Football in the net© colourbox.com (Detail)

We’re there again: Germany’s favourite game is on the move. The UEFA European Football Championship will start next year, the qualifying has begun. Instead of one host nation, Euro 2020 will be spread over a dozen venues across Europe. Given the occasion, we, too, will be engaging with the game. And we will be launching the special football supplement in the magazine, which will contain everything that has to do with football. Stories from Germany and India, reports, interviews and photo series, as well as a quiz in which you can test your knowledge of the game.

How well do you know German football?

How well do you know German football? Answer our questions now and find out what type of football fan you are. – There are no wrong answers!

By Thomas Winkler

Fußballfans beim Public Viewing
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Video „#celebration“
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Community: Deutsch für Dich

Nach dem Finale gegen Brasilien: Die deutsche Frauennationalmannschaft freut sich 2007 über den Weltmeisterschaftstitel. Photo (detail): © Picture Alliance/Pressefoto Ulmer

Learn German - World Cup: Level A2
Excitement, Joy, Celebration

Russia and the world are in football fever from 14th June to 15th July 2018. Are you ready? Test your knowledge of the World Cup, learn interesting facts from the history of the World Cup and learn football words. In the “Deutsch für dich” community you will find plenty of exercises to help you learn German free of charge, and you can share experiences with other members.