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Paulina Stulin

Paulina Stulin Paulina Stulin (*1985 in Wrocław) studied communication design in Darmstadt and Krakow. In 2013, her first graphic novel Mindestens eine Sekunde (At Least One Second) was published by Jaja, followed in 2014 by The Right Here Right Now Thing, for which she won the German ICOM Independent Comic Award for ‘outstanding scenario’. Her third book Bei mir zuhause (At My Home) appeared in 2020. Besides producing comic books, she enjoys instigating wild discussions about god and the world, provides pedagogical support for adolescents and children and produces the podcast Pingpong with Pauli.

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For me, the difference between travel photography and travel drawing is...
"...that an unintentional motif does not appear in a drawing, like a bird that happens to be flying across the scene and cheats its way into a photograph. Each and every element must first get past the doorkeeper of my perception before it can find a place in the picture. And this is precisely what makes René Magritte’s painting The Man in a Bowler Hat so appealing."

When I draw...
"... I try to detach myself as much as possible from my preconceived notions and try to see things as they really are."

Inspirations – not only – on my travels have been...
"... other people who behave in a way that I want to emulate, I want to take a leaf out of their book. Role models. This is how I developed an interest in drawing: I watched others' drawing, it ignited positive jealousy and made me practise until I could also do it."

I would like...
"... to travel to the USA to compare the images that my TV series socialisation had given me with reality."

My reading for my next trip will include...
"... Dicht (Dense) by Stefanie Sargnagel. I consider her one of the cleverest, most original, and entertaining authors of our times and can barely wait to embark on the journey through the past that she confronts in the book."

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„The Right Here Right Now Thing“