In pictures and words
Illustrator and author of children’s books Nadia Budde in India

One, two, three, me
One, two, three, me | Photo: Nadia Budde

From New Delhi to Bangalore – a guest in libraries, at college and at festivals. Nadia Budde shares her passion for illustration and the children’s book with young and old, new and experienced artists.

Readings and workshops for children and young illustrators are part of Nadia Budde’s daily life. A German illustrator and an author of children’s books, Budde introduces her young readers to the art of illustration or has discussions with young Indian illustrators on different styles and on working as an artist.

Invited by the Goethe-Institut, she travelled through India in 2012, visiting Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore.

Children, students and the illustration

In Chennai she did a reading for children in the Hippocampus Children’s Library. She also held a series of workshops where she made drawings with the children. They listened in excitement to what she had to say and followed the sequence of crazy pictures. Later, in conversation with Isha Sharma of the Chennai Times, Budde said: ‘I just start working. I don’t think about an idea first and then start working on it, I simply start. I let the ideas flow out. I draw and write all at the same time.’ And this is precisely what she did with the children who plunged into the world of their first very own comic book.

Even the students from the arts department at Stella Maris College were keen to learn about the European perspective in illustration. In an intensive workshop, Budde shared her own experiences with the young artists. According to a report in The Hindu, Budde, like all children, started painting. Her professor encouraged her to be free and that is how she describes her method of working today: ‘It’s more like playing with the characters, words, sentences and the language itself.’

Reading, workshop and being an artist

In the Nehru Children’s Museum in Kolkata, Budde introduced around 25 students from different schools to the first steps in illustration. The students were so interested and immersed in designing their graphic novels on the subject of childhood memories that they forgot all about time and even forfeited a break.

In New Delhi, Budde participated in the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival with a reading on big-city animals from her book One, two, three, me and from Marcus, Maus and the Muppetshow, a workshop on the graphic novel.

During her time as an artist in residence in Bangalore, Budde appeared at the Bangalore Literature Festival, did a series of readings and held workshops in different schools and libraries.
Nadia Budde was born in Berlin in 1967. After completing school, she learned to be a visual merchandiser before embarking on a course in graphics at the School of Art and Design Berlin Weissensee in 1992 and then going on to the Royal College of Art in London. She graduated in 2000 and has been working as an independent illustrator in Berlin ever since. Her first book One, two, three, me appeared in 1999 and won several awards. Other picture books followed, all highly acclaimed and translated into several languages. Nadia Budde lives with her family in Berlin.